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  • Do I pack the container myself?
    Yes. Customers pack and unpack containers themselves. We do not enter the containers or interfere in anyway with the goods you store.
  • Do I need my own padlock?
    No. We can sell you a padlock or you can use your own if it is CEN 3 standard or above.
  • Can I drive right up to my container?
    Yes, you can drive right up and unload straight into your container. Some people even park cars in the containers.
  • What is the shortest time I can store for?
    The minimum period we offer is 4 weeks.
  • Do I bring my items to the site or do you collect them?
    Customers are responsible for moving their items to and from the site. We can recommend various people so give us a call if you need help.
  • How do I access my container?
    You can drive up to and access your container from 7am to 6pm, 7 days a week.
  • Do I have my own container or do I share one with other people?
    All customers have their own dedicated container.
  • How do I book a container?
    Just give us a call and book one over the phone. We ask that you provide photos of photo ID such as passport or driving licence and something with your address on it.
  • What items are you prohibited from storing?
    Your container is your space but we ask customers not to store: flammable, hazardous or explosive materials or fireworks, poisons or toxic substances, foodstuffs or perishable items, livestock, weapons of any type, or anything illegal. Please look at the full list in our terms and conditions when booking your unit.
  • What if you want to leave early?
    There is no fixed end date. Please just give us 4 weeks notice.
  • How quickly can I book?
    If we have a container available you can move in the same day.
  • Do you take a deposit?
    No deposit is required.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    Yes. We use the industry standard self-storage contract that we will send you for e-signature.
  • Will my container suffer from damp?
    Our containers are completely waterproof with vents providing continuous air flow. We recommend that customers avoid bringing moisture into the container. Water brought in will evaporate and take some time to escape from the container.
  • Are the containers built for self storage?
    Yes. The vast majority of goods that arrive in the UK come in shipping containers. These containers are, by their very nature purposely designed to be the ultimate weather proof storage unit.
  • Do the containers have electricity?
    No, the containers do not have access to electricity. If you want to add small solar panel please talk to us.
  • Are your containers safe and secure?
    We understand how important your belongings are to you. Recorded CCTV covers the entrances. Each container is made of steel construction and we use high grade padlocks which are further protected by a lock box. We are investing in new fences, gates and monitored CCTV to make the site more secure.
  • Can Pave Lane Storage insure my goods?
    We ask that all our customers insure their own goods and they should bear in mind that most home insurance policies only cover goods in your home.
  • What size containers do you have?
    We have three sizes of units, 80 sq ft, 160 sq ft, 320 sq ft. Please click here to see our size guide.
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